I am Virginie, a passionate about adventure, road trips, nature and hiking!

It all started when I started questioning how I consume, how I travel.

I lived at 1000 an hour, I had two restaurants to manage and made regular trips of 2 or 3 weeks to the ends of the world to escape a daily that became stifling.

Then one day, I snapped. I started to question myself a lot and I didn’t find myself in that “always more” lifestyle anymore. I no longer felt aligned with my values, nor with the conscious life to which I aspired. I was thinner and a little lost in this life that no longer suited me.

So I left everything to FINALLY take the time to live, eat, listen to me.

While I was working on Roberto, my minivan and I was away on the roads of France, Spain, Italy… I discovered beautiful landscapes, often even near my home.

I had gone to the ends of the earth, but I had not even taken the time to discover the nuggets within my reach.


And then Tao, an Australian Shepherd crossed Border collie arrived in my life, my sunshine, my best travel partner. She accompanies me everywhere in my adventures.

Being as close to nature as possible allowed me to open my eyes to the reality of climate disruption and the vulnerability of nature. The planet does not need us : we’re the ones who need it. If we act together it is still possible to change the situation for future generations ! Every gesture counts.

My goal through My Wild Travel is to inspire you and make you want to go on adventures close to nature, in heavenly and exotic landscapes. To make you want to travel differently, in a more responsible way and more respectful of the heritage, the environment and the local people.

So you’re coming with us?