Asturias, a paradise between sea and mountains

Another great discovery in northern Spain. On the side of the Cantarabian Sea, breathtaking landscapes with on one side the raging sea and cliffs, coasts that alternate between pine and eucalyptus forests, and on the other side sumptuous mountains.
In this article, I quote the 4 spots that must be seen in Asturias.


1/ The peak of Europa and the lakes of Covadonga


What I preferred in Asturias was of course the mountains and the National Park of «Los Picos de Europa».

This time I left with a friend, like Tao, 6 months old, can not walk for hours, we decided to make the loop of Convadonga lakes. And we were not disappointed.


Covadonga lakes are natural lakes of glacial origin. Also called Enol Lake and Ercina Lake, they are a natural wonder nestled in the mountains at 1134 m altitude .

Mountaineering enthusiast or simply traveler in search of beautiful landscapes, this place is a must in Asturias.


Access and practical information :

Covadonga Lakes Loop :
Start of the hike: Buferrera parking lot (this is the parking lot next to Lake Ercina, above Lake Enol)
Duration : Count 3 hours of walking.
Distance : 11 km
Positive altitude difference : A little more than 300m
Level : Easy (the paths are very easy to access, you need good shoes but no difficulty to note)

GPS point of the parking lot of Buferrera (there is a small hostel/ restaurant also if you want to eat): (43.2718421, -4.9829357)

I advise you to arrive early in the morning because the number of people being limited on the park, the police close the road when the maximum is reached.
We got screwed in early November. Well, I’ll give you that it was the weekend and the sun was in full swing. However, I recommend that you arrive before 10am to be sure not to be caught off guard.


2/ The village of Cudillero


Cudillero is undeniably the most beautiful village on the coast of Asturias.

Built in the cliff this village with its colourful architecture has nothing to envy to the «5 Italian lands». In addition, the region is not as touristic as the one of the 5 lands you will not be bothered by the crowd and can enjoy the village in peace.

It is so pleasant to be able to stroll in this beautiful village, and visit these small authentic shops. And if you have time, why not sit on the terrace of a restaurant and enjoy local fish grilled à la plancha.

GPS point :
(43.5600016, -6.1484210)


3/ Buffones De Pria et la plage de Guadamia


Listed as a monument The Pria Buffones are a kind of geological chimneys formed by the waves rushing in and causing impressive jets of water and steam that can easily reach more than 10m high when the sea is raging.

The displacement of the air caused by these movements of water creates a very loud rumble.

It is even said that in stormy weather the shepherds hear the «Bramadoriu» from the steep mountains of the peak of Europe. The locals even say «Cuando sientas sonar el Pozu Pria, cote lena pa’l oto dia» «When you hear the sounds of the pria wells, pick up wood for the next day».

This place is really mystical. You feel so small in the face of these things that are unleashing.

Buffones 1

Access and practical information:

We slept in a van right in front of the site. You even have BBQ and picnic tables for your comfort.
The next day you just have to take the path that goes to the beach of guadamia and that continues until the place where most «holes» are formed.

GPS point of the car park:
43.4588, -4.9827 (lat, lng)
N 43° 27′ 32″ W 4° 58′ 58″ (lat lng)

4/ La playa Gulpyuri


Gulpyuri beach is located between the villages of Llanes and Ribadesella.
This beach, declared a natural monument, is a Doline through which the sea enters through «holes» formed in the rock.
Its particularity is that the water disappears completely at low tide. When the tide is high, however, you can soak it to the thighs safely.
This beach still little known to the general public is often deserted, moreover it is located next to agricultural land on which it will be necessary to pass to reach the beach. It is therefore essential to respect the place and bring back ALL its waste.

Access and practical information :

You will have to park in the parking lot 1km walk from the beach. You will cross by a trail of agricultural land for arrival on this charming little beach.

GPS point :
(43.4474967, -4.8859819)